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Badger bits: Mathieu's tale a complicated one

Posted on: January 5, 2012 8:44 pm
NEW ORLEANS -- The mystery that is Tyrann Mathieu continues to unravel.

On Thursday we learned of his place in one of the great defensive backfields. We learned of his humble background. We also learned that Mathieu’s birth father is serving life in prison for murder

Formally adopted last year, Mathieu was raised by his aunt and uncle. It has been an incredibly complicated life. When I asked if he stays in contact with his father, Mathieu said, “I don’t talk to him anymore.”

Later, he said: “I think a lot of people had their input on the things that happened in my life. I’m not afraid of it. I’m not backing down from it.”

Here are other Badger Bits gathered from Thursday’s media session:

  • Mathieu revealed that he wore No. 24 in practice as a salute to Jets corner Darrelle Reavis who owns his own “island” on the field.

“He’s a shutdown corner … We joke around at practice all the time. You know, MoMo (teammate Morris Claiborne) got his own island. So I figured I’d have my own island in practice.”

  • When did Honey Badger know he was this good, especially for his size?

“I just think mentally, in my mind, I was always a step ahead of the game. Not to take anything away from other players, I was just always confident in myself. I could make the best players.

“I was pretty much faster than everybody. I never played with guys in my age bracket. I always played with my older brothers and my older cousins so they were always taller than me. So I just kind of got used to playing against bigger guys.”

  • The worst thing he has ever said to an opponent?

“I don’t think I can really say it … I research them. I find their mama’s name. Anything I can do to let them know, you know, that I kind of know what you know.”

  • Is anything off limits?

“I don’t think I’d talk about anybody’s grandmother.”
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