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Robert Griffin III wins the 2011 Heisman

Posted on: December 10, 2011 8:56 pm
Edited on: December 10, 2011 10:01 pm

NEW YORK -- The humble son of two retired Army sergeants now becomes a name for the ages.

Baylor quarterback Robert Griffin III became the 77th winner of the Heisman Trophy here beating out two-time finalist Andrew Luck of Stanford. Alabama's Trent Richardson was third.

The redshirt junior caught the nation’s attention with his accurate arm, incredible moves and scholastic achievements. In other words, what the Heisman should be about. Griffin threw for almost 4,000 yards and accounting for 45 touchdowns for an equally humble Baptist school in central Texas.

His win helps Baylor elevate itself from a low point that included a player’s murder eight years ago. Twice in the last 18 months, the program faced an uncertain future with the possible breakup of the Big 12.

But Griffin changed all that. He has been compared to everyone from Michael Vick to Vince Young to any role model you can imagine. If he doesn’t declare for the NFL next month, Griffin will apply for Baylor Law School. There can’t be many former winners who were pursuing their master’s when they accepted the award.

Griffin had two signature Heisman moments this season. On Nov. 19 he threw the game-winning touchdown pass against Oklahoma with eight seconds left. A week ago, he threw for two scores and ran for two more in a blowout win over Texas. In terms of Heisman voting, that was the clincher. Luck and Richardson had completed their seasons.

Actually, there was a third Heisman moment. Griffin outdid himself as a wearer of outrageous socks. He pulled up his pant leg at the ceremony to reveal he was wearing Superman socks – complete with cape. He is the first Heisman winner to play his high school football in Texas since BYU's Ty Detmer in 1990. That's also the last year a player won it from a private parochial school.

Luck and Richardson were thought to be the leaders late into November. But Griffin overtook them winning comfortably by 280 points over Luck (1,687-1,407). For those on the Richardson bandwagon, he didn't even carry his own region. Griffin won even that region 303-256 over the Alabama tailback. 

Griffin was born in Japan, the son of Army lifers Robert Sr. and Jacqueline Griffin. Enrolled at Baylor at age 17, he was a Big 12 400-meter hurdles champion in track before he took a snap. When he did, he became the youngest starting quarterback in FBS in 2008.

Coach Art Briles saw something that others didn’t. Other schools projected him either as a track star or something other than a quarterback.

But that was at Houston where Griffin originally committed. When Briles got the job at Baylor, Griffin followed like a loyal puppy.

“A big part of the decision was I wanted to go where I could play early,” he said. “Not that I thought I was better than anyone else, I just didn’t feel like it would be good to sit behind somebody for two years then play.”

In the third game of the 2009 season he tore his ACL. In 2010, he was back throwing for 3,500 yards. This season he threw for almost 3,998 yards and 36 touchdowns. He was more accurate than Luck, more exciting than Richardson. If his pass efficiency numbers hold up through the bowl game, Griffin will complete, statistically, the best season in NCAA history.

RGIII also became the third player in FBS history to throw for 10,000 yards and 2,000 yards rushing.



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Robert Griffin III wins the 2011 Heisman


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Posted on: January 3, 2012 10:16 pm

Robert Griffin III wins the 2011 Heisman

Congrats RGIII

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Posted on: December 13, 2011 10:23 pm

Robert Griffin III wins the 2011 Heisman

SKREFF--youre a bigger idiot than I thought...I support pedophilia ?? and OSU are perpetual cheaters that pay off the NCAA??   Making such statements without basis , fact and/or   conjecture just demonstrates the juvenile you are.  Best  let mom use the computer now  and go finish your homework boy.   Maybe , just maybe  if you study hard enuf you MIGHT be able to get into a BIG TEN school someday...

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Posted on: December 11, 2011 9:30 pm

Robert Griffin III wins the 2011 Heisman

DavePA84- agreed. Wasn't that speech something? Very well-spoken, humble, driven guy. Hope he has a great NFL career.

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Posted on: December 11, 2011 1:39 pm

Robert Griffin III wins the 2011 Heisman

Overblown?? Hardly,   when a school  essentially can get one more ENTIRE recruiting class within a 4 or 5 year period  is a great advantage.  And it DOES happen very OFTEN as well --10 of the twelve conference members have averaged over 25  signees a year and only two teams have NOT signed 30 or MORE in one year in the  last DECADE.  Since the BIG TEN is far and away better academically --only Vandy comes close- your comment "nasty conference" is a weak attempt to cover up the fact  the SEC  is the MOST NCAA penalized conference since 1987 AND has the proud label of the ONLY THREE TIME offender --BAMA-- and two TWO time offenders ; MissST and Texas AM as well.   Now go back and watch billy bob go around circles for 300 miles.... idiot.

Look freak, you stop raping children and we will stop grey shirting.  You are wrong of course because in the SEC, unlike the Big-10, lots of players go pro after their junior years making a 30 person class a necessity.  Ole Miss was the worst offender under Houston Nutt (an old Big-12 guy), and the most they ever oversigned was 4.  And those 4 still get to play, just a semester later.  It is much better than having kids kicked off the team for fake injuries simply to give that scholarship to the next Maurice Clarett, Pyror, Katzenmoyer, or whatever illiterate criminalo you guys are recruiting this week (with cahs and tattoos of course).  That scumbag practice happens at the rate of about 5 players per Big-10 school per year.  By the way, the most popular states for NASCAR - Ohio and Michigan.  Swing and a miss bitter angry loser who defends pedophilia. 

By the way, didn't you perpetual cheaters at Ohio State (with the least sever penalties ever, paying off the NCAA also?) just sign SEC Urban Meyer?  No surprise that you guys signed the guy who never kicks kids of the team, just like Cover Up Tressel.

Look Big-10 fans, do America a favor and stay away from children.  Utterly nasty conference, both on and off the field.  Superior academics lol, can Katzenmoyer read yet?  Your school has so many players academically ineligible it switched to the quarter system to make sure grades come out after bwl system.  Stay classy pedophiles...

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Robert Griffin III wins the 2011 Heisman

st1ckman   Yes you are correct the SEC has been GIVEN not EARNED a National Championship at least you understand. Thanks to the BCS we will never know if the SEC. much less the winner of the game is the best, due to this rematch. Get over yourself, you act as though the SEC is light years ahead of everbody else. I have watched every NC game and most of the last 5 could have gone either way. Hell Texas with a 1st time starter were going to drive for the game winning TD if they didn't have a fumble returned.

I will tell you what it is to be light years better. Nebraska has won 4 national championships facing a mighty SEC opponenet and went 4-0 by a combined score of 159-59,so I guess I should be asking the SEC to STEP IT UP!  By the way Nebraska is 19-6-1 all time versus the mighty SEC....just FYI
Wrong.  LSU blew out Ohio State.  If you want toi play in thje big game Husker, stop losing to high school teams.  Nebraska is being run by an SEC coach by the way - just saying.  Of course that record against the SEC by Nebraska doesn't include any wins in the last two decades.  Army was once good also lol.  Stop molesting kids in your conference.

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Posted on: December 11, 2011 1:06 am

Robert Griffin III wins the 2011 Heisman

This was a year when any of the finalists would have been a deserving winner. The fact that RG3 was able to play (and have a big game) on the first Saturday in December, while Luck and Richardson did not play that day was the clincher. Ironically, RG3 would not have played last Saturday if not for the fact that the Big 12 did not play a championship game for the first time in its history. As a result, the Baylor and Texas, along with Okie State and Oklahoma were able to play their regular season finale just one day before all Heisman ballots had to be turned in.

Since the caliber of opposing defenses has been a big topic of discussion in regard to the stats that each finalist has rolled up this season, I decided to look it up. According to USA Today, Richardson faced six teams ranked in the top 30 in total defense and seven in the top 50. Ball faced five defenses ranked in the top 30 and none that were ranked from 31 to 50. RG3 and Luck each faced just one defense ranked in the top 30 and two ranked in the top 50. Mathieu is a defensive player and had no shot of winning the Heisman, although he would have been a deserving winner.

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Posted on: December 10, 2011 11:56 pm

Robert Griffin III wins the 2011 Heisman

Anyone watching the presentation tonight has to be very impressed with Griffin. What a nice, well-spoken and respectful young man. Griffin was a breath of fresh air after seeing those punks on Cincy and Xavier talking smack and kicking each in the head for a few hours earlier in the day.

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Posted on: December 10, 2011 11:44 pm

Robert Griffin III wins the 2011 Heisman

I cannot remember a year when all five finalists were all more than deserving.  Well done to all of you and congrats to RG3.  You are a unique athlete and will excel on Sunday's.  As a Stanford fan, I want to thank Andrew Luck for the most enjoyable three years in the school's football history.  College Football will miss you as what you did at this level in managing the game is unparalleled.  It's going to be a long time before someone comes along to accomplish what you did.  Calling you the next Heath Shuler or Rick Mirer is such a joke, it's not even worth addressing.

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Posted on: December 10, 2011 11:43 pm

Robert Griffin III wins the 2011 Heisman

congrats well deserved, guys like him are what make college football so much more exciting than the pros

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