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Texas gets credit and a league to play in

Posted on: October 6, 2011 4:05 pm
Edited on: October 6, 2011 5:13 pm

For a brief, fleeting moment we saw a glimpse of Texas' vulnerability Thursday.

If you blinked you missed it. A gust of wind caught UT's skirt and revealed some of its unmentionables

There was a time not long ago when TCU to the Big 12 would have been a dealbreaker for the haughty 'Horns. Why give little brother a chance to recruit against and -- gasp! -- possibly beat mighty UT?

And the thought of giving up on those Longhorn Network high school games? Never!

Turns out those issues were just bargaining chips. Backed into a corner, all-powerful Texas backed down. But it got want it wanted Thursday -- the Big 12 whole and the perception that Texas once again saved it.

You didn't even have to look closely during the rat-a-tat-tat of press releases. First, TCU was invited to the Big 12. The Frogs now have a chance to turn loose those Lone Star State recruits that got them to the Rose Bowl on Texas.

Then there were glowing recommendations from the power elite: Suddenly, Texas and Oklahoma cared about TCU's academic and athletic diligence in getting to this point. It was their joint resolution. Those two schools' names will appear in every story and on every TV report in the country. Shrewd. Smart. Even industrious TCU hasn't figured out how to do that. Yet.

The league also agreed to the much-discussed all-in media rights for six years. Texas said it didn't need to show those high school highlights on LHN. Remember, that damn high school television presence that caused Texas A&M to bolt? Suddenly, not a big deal.

A day of "salvation," and none of it would have happened without Texas. That's the image we're left with. Actually, none of it would have happened without some sizable pushback from interim commissioner Chuck Neinas and Oklahoma president David Boren.

Someone stood up to Texas, finally. The school's administration figured out to get rich, you have to exist in a conference. The Big 12 might not perfect, but it's a league and it's a hell of a lot better for Bevo than independence.

Going indy means a BCS bid becomes a lot tougher to achieve. It means scheduling problems.

How many noticed that the Big 12 got worse, in stages, over the past 16 months? Did we forget where Texas A&M, Nebraska and Colorado play now? Did you forget Missouri is on the brink? This time the league essentially traded Texas' sprawling land-grant giant (A&M) for a private school with an enrollment of 9,000.

As for Missouri, Thursday's actions told me that the Big 12 is ready to move on. If Missouri is going to stay, it's going to have to agree to all the new rules. Leverage shifts quickly, and suddenly, Missouri has less of it. The SEC thing is beginning to shaky with a report that there isn't exactly unanimous approval for the Tigers among SEC presidents.

Some dumb Missouri source also said that the school's first choice is the Big Ten. That can't sit well with SEC CEOs.

But it's a happy day in the Big 12, because the Big 12 continues to exist. Thanks, Texas. Wonder if Nebraska, Colorado and A&M would have voted for this?

Of course they would. This didn't have to happen. But these are desperate times that could be upon us against soon. Those grants of rights last only six years. That's plenty of time for the landscape to shift, for Texas to have second thoughts about sharing LHN with ... the Pac-12.

Meanwhile in Fort Worth, the week started with an ugly snit with SMU. It ended, for TCU, in football heaven.

One man's, well, strumpet is another man's industrious worker bee. TCU becomes the first school to leave a conference before playing a game in it. Thanks, Big East, we hardly knew you. No, really. The departure of the Frogs puts the Big East on life support.

Do you care? Texas doesn't. Neinas doesn't. TCU sure as hell doesn't. But the Frogs deserve the Big 12 if for no other reason than they didn't quit trying to get there. Left out of the original Big Eight/Southwest Conference expansion, the school then charted a course to make itself as marketable as possible.

"I think the best thing is, we won our way back," said author Dan Jenkins, a TCU alum and college football historian. "We made them take us. It's a good deal all around, including the time zone. Now people will know whether we won or lost on Saturday nights." 

Little did Jenkins or anyone know it would take 16 years and five conferences for TCU to get back to this point. The conclusion: The school didn't give up. The reality in this contentious climate: TCU is a warm body at the right time. And the Big 12 might actually be 12 soon again.

Boren: "There could be other additions in the future."


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Posted on: October 12, 2011 5:58 pm

Texas gets credit and a league to play in

All I can say is god luck A&M going to the "mighty" SEC.  If A&M is struggling in the Big 12, imagine what such a powerful conf will do to you?  And if Missouri goes to the the SEC suddenly now the most powerful conf?  Sounds like some conf games in the SEC will now dictate a lower score in the good old BCS computer no?  Nice to see the Big 12 drop some dead weight....LMAO!

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Posted on: October 9, 2011 12:09 am

Texas gets credit and a league to play in

 You chose to run and not fight. 
Fight for what? If your boss offers you a promotion from a job that's turned into a pain in the ass anyway are you going to turn it down just because your fellow workers get all upset about you leaving? 

  Now just go away, aggies, and drive your excrement filled buses back to College Station where the smell will not be out of place.
You sound bitter forty, did OU upset you that much today? It's just a game... really...

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Posted on: October 8, 2011 8:35 pm

Texas gets credit and a league to play in

Either take midol. asprin or don't pretend you have any conference savvy if you dont. Or just don't try to understand or read if you have that much difficulty. If another's opinion disturbs you physiologically, you should really see a psychiatrist. JMO

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Posted on: October 8, 2011 7:56 pm

Texas gets credit and a league to play in

@ Global Jaybird:  Was this meant to be English?  Either lay off the booze or lay off the keyboard, 'cause trying to decipher your post has given me a headache.

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Posted on: October 8, 2011 7:48 pm

Texas gets credit and a league to play in

I don't care whether TEXAS gets any credit for 'saving the Big 12.'  TCU did win its way back and the conference will be stronger with both the team and Ft.Worth as part of our family.  But people continue to print the bogus whine that the LHN was the reason for the Aggies et al going.  There is no functioning LHN.  Who cares about it?  Texas alums don't.  And if it is UT's attempt at free enterprise why would Rick Perry and the Aggies (I hear he is running for Prez) or former congressman Tom Osborne of Nebraska complain about something as American as that?  These lack of vision-aries had no idea what the LHN was going to become and no one even knows now.  Grow a pair Rick and your Aggie buddies and take responsibility for seceding.  It's okay.  It's your right.  But you look very small saying in essence, "TEXAS ran us out because they were getting too big and weren't sharing."  Blah, blah, blah. Mommy couldn't protect you.  You chose to run and not fight.  You only magnify your cowardice of changing your allegiance when you refuse to own the fact that you are responsible.  In 1776 you would have been the Tories siding with England because you were afraid you'd lose your farms.  After the dust settled you would have been praising the the Minutemen and G. Washington.  Now just go away, aggies, and drive your excrement filled buses back to College Station where the smell will not be out of place.

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Posted on: October 8, 2011 11:44 am

Texas gets credit and a league to play in

Dodd really needs to let go of personal bias if he ever wants to be a legitimate sports writer. How exactly does Texas get 'credit' for backing down? That's like saying when a teacher steps in to break up a fight and the bully who started it grumbles and walks away that he deserves the credit for stopping the fight. I have nothing against Texas personally but giving them credit for this is ridiculous. Aside from that it's great to see TCU finally get some credit and recognition for the great program they have. I hope they do well and would love to see them competing for conference titles soon. 

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Posted on: October 8, 2011 11:40 am

Texas gets credit and a league to play in

Here's the point...and Dodd makes it at the end with reference to author Dan Jenkins: "We won our way back."  That's it. Simple and truthful.  No big boys outside with money out the wazzoo and some hedonistic-type of narcicism.  TCU won and that's that.  If they continue to be a program non-grata for the last decade then none of this matters and the Big "12?" doesn't have much of a chance and continuing on life-support.  Give credit where credit is due: TCU - with loyal purple-clad supporters and prayers of the faithful (if there are still any at the Texas "Christian" Univeristy) - is back in the mix.  Congrats to a dog-determined group of people who would not let others dictate their course, their future, and their history.  Dutch Meyer himself stated, "Fight 'em till hell freezes over and then fight them on the ice."  Well, Dutch, we are still fighting!

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Posted on: October 8, 2011 9:36 am

Texas gets credit and a league to play in

Wow, "the wind blew & the $h*t flew, couldn't see a thing for a day or two." If missery screws their own state out of the conf tournament at the Sprint Center & Arrowhead loses a Ch game in fball, then as far as the remaining conf is concerned, they will never do business with Jesse James U again, aka, Knights of the Confederate Circle? The SEC can have these nutbreads, however am not sure if even the SEC deserves them. Oh, & they'll likely not even be relevant in D1 athletics anymore either. I think Jerry Jones will go all balls for Notre Dame now. Ya think a couple of others would like to get in the moneymaker of a show?

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Posted on: October 8, 2011 12:10 am

Texas gets credit and a league to play in

Once again never UT's fault. Poor UT. First lets blame Colorado and Nebraska for leaving. Then A&M. Soon it was going to be Mizzou's turn to be the vilian in your eyes. You want to state only facts and twist them in your favor, well your good at it.

Here is a fact that you forgot...UT was looking at bolting the conference first. But for whatever reason the Big Ten did not want UT or Texas just did not see the benefit of joining the Big Ten. Personally, and I dont know, it was probably because the LHN was the snag so it was probably mutual. So then a year later NU and CU bolt. Did not seem like they have been so persistent in keeping the conference in tact when they have tried the Pac 12 and the big 10 again just this last year. But keep thinking that UT is not part of the problem. I did not say that they were the only ones causing problems, but every other paragraph you seem to be blaming whichever school in next to leave.

You are right about when the big 12 was formed schools like NU and A&M did not have a problem with the revenue sharing but probably not for the reasons that you are suggesting. Fact is that most of the conferences had similar revenue sharing. But that was because 15-20 years ago there was not as many outlets for TV appearances as the are now. So the Big dogs like UT, OU, A&M and NU held all the cards because they made all the money for the conference. But as times changed and football is on everyday of the week and 50 games on Saturdays, means that conferences had to change their way of thinking to equal revenue sharing or maybe lose teams to other conf. where they can make more money. So here is another fact. Since every UT fan blames NU because they were the one that kept voting no for equal revenue, yet when NU and CU left the conferance the rest of the schools still voted no on equal sharing. (They did make it a bit more fair but it was not really going to effect UT that much because of the LHN).

Also you UT fans kept saying that NU and A&M were only crying now and left because NU and A&M were down and not the powerhouses they once were. But NU was only down for a few years during the Callahan era. Since then they have 9 or 10 wins the last 4 years and A&M is alot better the last few seasons which would put them in a more power position than UT the last 2 years. (I must say they are looking better this year though. Should be a good red river shoot out).  But because there are so many TV outlets now, UT is probably still just as powerful TV wise no matter what there record is. I mean look at Notre Dame.

So just my opinion the reason why UT is always looking like the bad guy and why UT fans are backed into a corner and always blaming others is the LHN. I am not saying NU left because of equal revenue sharing in the Big Ten but because they seen more money coming to them from the big 10 not only for the athletic dept. but academically also. The research grants alone (whenever NU can get accredited of course) would have made the jump to the Big 10 worth it. NU, CU and A&M are leaving because I think the time of playing the power card is over, with all of the TV outlets and they want to be apart of a stable group. Last time I checked UT was still trying to play the power card and only because the Big 12 was about to lose another did they cave into maybe total equality and restucture of the LHN. I am quite sure that if UT would had said no to ESPN and told them to put the money towards the Big 12 TV deal alot of this could have been avoided. It would have shown to the rest of the teams that they are willing to a unified leader of the group. Just my opinion though. Does not mean that other teams in their shoes would do the same. Look at ND. Only differnce is that they are independent. It is also why BYU went independent so they could have there own network. Just makes UT look more greedy when the are trying to do it while also getting money from others in the group.

In other words stop using the past as part of your excuse because it is not relevant anymore. Fact, if UT was not part of the problem along with Bebee in the their back pocket then why was Bebee forced out and UT caving finally on complete equallity (oh wait, it was NU that kept saying no to equality) and their restructure of the LHN to keep others from leaving, specifically OU.

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Posted on: October 7, 2011 6:26 pm

Texas gets credit and a league to play in



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