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Son of Weekend Watch List

Posted on: September 9, 2011 9:53 pm
Edited on: September 9, 2011 10:03 pm
This is all the stuff that spilled over from Weekend Watch List ... 

There will be plenty of opportunity for Jimbo Fisher to massage the roster in preparation for Oklahoma next week. Florida State hosts Charleston Southern which lost last week to Central Florida, 62-0...For the first time in 18 years Illinois is coming off a game in which it did not commit a penalty. It is one of three teams to go into Week 2 without a penalty. Navy and Eastern Michigan are the others ... TCU (at Air Force) hasn't started 0-2 since 1999 ... Can this be right? Virginia Tech (at East Carolina) hasn't started 2-0 since 2001...Hawaii (at Washington) is looking to start 2-0 against the Pac-12 after beating Colorado in the opener...Utah goes into the USC game with heavy hearts. The wife of Utes' defensive lineman Ron Tongaoneai was killed in a car accident following last week's season-opening win over Montana State ... With Colorado having shifted conferences, that means receiver Toney Clemons, a Michigan transfer, has played in three conferences...Iowa State has scored one touchdown against Iowa in the last 18 quarters going back to 2007...

One more thing about the new taunting rule:  Taunt your opponent on the way to the end zone and the points are taken off the board. We know that. What a lot of folks don't know is that the penalty counts as a personal foul. Two PFs and you're out of the game.

Players will be reminded of this, no doubt, but they're reminded of a lot of things: Like, how not to associate with prostitutes and greasy jock-sniffers who pop for $500 lunches. In the spirit of everything personal and foul, here are the five teams most likely to first get points taken off the board this season.

1. Arizona State: Linebacker Vontaze Burfict's nickname is not Choir Boy.
2. Baylor: Achieved a rare quadruple-quadruple -- 1,000-yard rusher (Jay Finley) and 1,007 yards in penalties to lead the country.
3. Troy: No team caused more laundry to be dropped on the field (110 penalties).
4. Ohio State: Off-field conduct carries over.
5. Miami: Do you even have to ask?

Noble pursuits:
With Jim Tressel having taken a colossal fall from grace at Ohio State, WWL thought it would be interesting to compare other recent major-college coaches who are out of the game. Compare Tressel's quality control position with the Colts (after a suspension that followed him from college) to these other accomplished coaches.

Urban Meyer (resigned December 2010), last coaching job: Florida. Currently, ollege football analyst, ESPN. NCAA reformer.
Mike Bellotti (resigned to become Oregon AD 2008. Left that position 2010), last coaching job, Oregon. Currently: ESPN analyst.
Mark Mangino (resigned under pressure, December 2009), last coaching job, Kansas. Currently, residing Naples, Fla.
Mike Leach (fired December 2009) last coaching job, Texas Tech. Currently, author of best-selling book Swing Your Sword, daily satellite radio show on SiriusXM
Jim Leavitt (fired January 2010) last coaching job, South Florida. Currently, linebackers coach, San Francisco 49ers
Dan Hawkins (fired after 2010 season) last coaching job, Colorado. Currently, ESPN analyst
Butch Davis (fired, July 27, 2010) last coaching job, North Carolina. Currently, unknown.


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Son of Weekend Watch List


Forget Mizz trying to get into the Big 10, SEC or staying in the Big Texas (I mean Big 9) conferences. Mizz, along with ku, kst, and Iowa St. need to get together and consider establishing a NEW CONFERENCE. I would consider Colorado St. Air Force and then moving east the remnants of the Big 8 (MU, KU, KSt. and Iowa St). Going further east maybe Cincinnati. Eastern Ohio has a pretty large population and Cincy has a tremendous High School tradition.

Also consider raising a Div 2 school up to Div 1 standards. I am thinking of Northern Illinois University. They have a nice stadium that could be expanded and they are only about 75 miles west of CHICAGO. There are schools I mentioned that have very respectable football and basketball traditions.  

There would be many recruiting possibilities for a conference in this part of the country. There are large metro areas these schools are close to. Air Force, because its a service school recruits nationally.

It might take a few years to get it up and would just depend on how much these schools could work together and spend money to get this New Conference off the ground.

It would be important that the furthest west school and furthest east schools feel as much a part of the New Conference to avoid any B.S.

Equal sharing on everything period. I guess it would just depend upon how saturated with greed some of these guys making the decisions really are...and if they can see down the road a few years and see how competitive this New Conference would be.

Lastly...I have mentioned some schools, there could easily be some better fits for this New Conference. So pick your own. I just think it should make some sense geographically.  The main thing is to get a New Conference up and running and competing with any other conference, anywhere. 

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