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Air Force has interest from Big 12

Posted on: September 1, 2011 5:17 pm
Edited on: September 1, 2011 6:09 pm
Another name has surfaced on the Big 12 relacement merry-go-round. 

Air Force has joined the list of schools that the embattled league has interest in, CBSSports has learned. Add the academy along with Arkansas, BYU, Pittsburgh and Notre Dame to the list of schools whose names have been attached to a rebuilt Big 12. Air Force's name surfaced during recent speculation about Big East expansion. It is not immediately clear with the attraction of the academy, but at this point the Big 12 can't be picky.

Air Force AD Hans Mueh told Thursday that there had been communication with the Big 12 either formal or through back channels. 

"No, nothing," he said.

The Salt Lake City Tribune reported Thursday that there had been communication with BYU. The name that won't go away is Arkansas. The school seemingly would be taking a pay cut and surrender stability if it went to the Big 12. Pittsburgh was thought to be somewhat of a travel partner if Notre Dame. But Irish AD Jack Swarbrick reiterated Notre Dame's independence earlier this week.   

Two days ago, Falcons coach Troy Calhoun told the Colorado Springs Gazette: “We’re darn lucky to be in a league where not only professionally you’re associated respected institutions, but personally, the caliber of friendships – if that’s possible, even though you compete – there’s a quality amount of rapport and mutual respect that we’re involved in, week in and week out in all of our activities here at the academy, that’s with the Mountain West Conference. We’re lucky to be in this league.”

On Aug. 15, Air Force AD Hans Mueh released this statement: “The Air Force Academy is a proud and happy member of the Mountain West Conference and looking forward to a great future. The Academy will continue to work towards what is best for our cadet-athletes in every area on and off the field as we continue working to produce officers of character for our Air Force and the nation. “

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Posted on: September 2, 2011 1:55 pm

Air Force has interest from Big 12

All this shows is that the Big 12-2-1 is in the big panic.  Air Force?  BYU?  Boise State?  Really?  How desperate can you get Big 12 fans?  The Big 12 lost their Conference when Nebraska and Colorado jumped ship last year.  Now it is A&M.  They are down to Oklahoma, Ohlahoma State occasionally, and Texas, who is now realizing that they are not the football power they thought they were.  If OU decides that they have had enough of the charade that is now the Big 12-2-1, and decide to leave, the game is over for the Big 12.  All of this talk about loyalty and things of that nature is nice, but it is just talk.  Nothing else.  If the right deal comes up, any Big 12-2-1 team is gone.  Even Texas.

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Posted on: September 2, 2011 1:54 pm

Air Force has interest from Big 12

From a national interest standpoint, UNR clearly isn't in the same class as Air Force.  Boise State is on the move, but they're still viewed as a novelty act by many.  Regardless, Air Force has no interest in the Big 12.  That situation is wrong for us on many levels.

Any idea how many yards LT put on Boise in the 2003 Fort Worth Bowl?      

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Posted on: September 2, 2011 1:31 pm

Air Force has interest from Big 12

As a Falcon fan this is exciting news. The Big 12 does have options and most likely Air Force will get invited if they expand to 12 teams along with Boise State and BYU. SMU, TCU, & Houston are screwed because theirs still 3 Texas schools in the leauge. If they only go to ten sad I think they're not making a cut.

Air Force can certainly compete. Ask Oklahoma- Days after they used Florida State like a stress toy, Air Force came in and lost 27-24 and put up 400+ yards.

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Posted on: September 2, 2011 12:41 pm

Battle Line

Here it is, this is where the Big Boys really separate from the rest or try desparately to include everyone-

If the Big 12 determines that they must remain a conference and brings in AFA or BYU (or even Boise) or a couple of the secondary schools like SMU, TCU, Memphis, Tulane, or Louisville; then I think it just delays the inevitable "Super Conferences" for a few more years.

The Demographics have changed folks, there are maybe a dozen to twenty real schools with a shot at the NC; the rest are just there positioning for best pay-out.

Oklahoma, Texas, Oklahoma State, and Texas Tech need to use that college education and realize that joining the Pac-12 is the right move (for those 4 institutions) in the long run.     The Big East will get poached again by the ACC but has "half a conference" ready when the 4 remaining big dogs leave the Big 12 (how about a West Division of Big East made of TCU, Kansas, K-State, Iowa, Missouri and Baylor? along with Memphis? and Louisville?).    

-If the Big 12 is to survive, they need butts in seats, market penetration, and fans.   I think they need to accept Houston (not Rice) as a large major state institution in the #10 U.S. TV market.   
-With Texas A&M gone, the gloves are off with the SEC; Tulane (nice academic and fair enrollment of ~11K vs Tulsa @ 3.5K); New Orleans is nice market (#43) and opens new territory (think TV money) in SEC Land of Louisianna.   Tulane used to be a football power, they could easily be one again.
-Yes, Air Force or Colorado State.   Denver SMSA is #15 TV Market.   Both are nice size.   But Air Force is a National brand not limited to Colorado and could be THE service acadamy (not Navy) when you talk about football.   The school is far more than jets, it's a technology school also.
The problem is the Big 12 isn't going to be able to replace Nebraska and TAMU and only AFA has that potential to be even close to Nebraska or TAMU; win or lose, those schools had tons of loyal fans and multiple sports.   Houston and New Orleans are nice markets, but they are PRO markets just as Kansas City and St Louis are a PRO market.

The Mountain West is strong enough to survive on it's own and should be a BCS Conference (with a little tweaking).    The WAC, ConfUSA, and Sun Belt have some nice teams but reality is a few of those schools need to move to Super Conferences when the time comes (Central Florida, Memphis, East Carolina, Southern Miss, Houston, Nevada, and San Diego St).

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Posted on: September 2, 2011 11:54 am

Air Force has interest from Big 12

If the Big 12 invites Air Force before Boise State or Nevada, it would just show their ignorance...why would you throw money away like that?  Would you rather see Texas play Air Force or Boise State?   Oklahoma play Air Force or Nevada?

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Posted on: September 2, 2011 10:13 am

Air Force has interest from Big 12

missouri St.?  They aren't even in the FBS and they will make the jump up to a BCS league?  I like Memphis and dont see why they aren't being mentioned more.  They do have a small endowment and a medium sized football stadium, but the market is nice and they would be expanding their footprint into a new state.  The problem with the Big 12 is that they are sort of landlocked in that the states around them don't really offer much in the way of any solid potential candidates.  New Mexico?  Small state, no tradition to speak of for football or basketball, wouldn't bring much to the table.  Colorado has CSU and AFA, but both have been up and down, AFA probably offers the most there.  Then you get into Wyoming, SD, Nebraska (already been there), no programs to speak of really.  Minnesota, Illinois, Arkansas and Louisiana already have there major programs in BCS conferences and are not likely to move.  Although there are rumors of Arkansas leaving I don't see it, they would make more in the SEC than in the Big 12.

One other intriguing option that many don't seem to be looking at is Tulane.  I know they are pretty weak athletically, but it is an AAU instituion that will appeal to the academic side of the conference.  They are also in New Orleans, so you get a nice sized market and they play football in the Superdome which is a pretty nice sized stadium.  The plus side for the rest of the conference is that you can probably make them take a smaller share of the money.

So, I could see them taking Memphis, AFA and Tulane and that would increase your footprint into 3 more states than you are currently in and you coudl sort of stick it to the SEC for "poaching" Texas A&M by expanding into their territory a little bit.

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Posted on: September 2, 2011 1:33 am

This makes sense

The Big 12 has Oklahoma, Texas and an automatic BCS bid. As long as Texas and Oklahoma stay there is no problem. Why would Texas and Oklahoma leave?

Invite Memphis, Louisville and Cincinnatti. You get those tv markets. If Missouri leaves invite Missouri State.

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Posted on: September 2, 2011 12:23 am

Air Force has interest from Big 12

Realzeel, gotta agree. Big 12 has been reacting for too long. Forming a super conference is likely the best fit. Outside of TX and OU, no other team carries a big enough market slice to be formidable. KU basketball is a draw, but their football program is not. It'd be tough to believe a team could survive inependently based on bball alone. I hate to say it, but increasing the numbers of conference members, while splitting revenues, would likely strengthen the individual members based on increased television contracts, increased exposure, ETC.

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Posted on: September 1, 2011 10:25 pm

Air Force has interest from Big 12

I really don't see any teams that would really be good fits for the Big 12-minus-2-soon-to-be-minus-3. 
; I say we stay at nine teams and rename ourselves the I-35 League or the Big Nine. The fewer teams we have, the fewer mouths to feed in terms of revenue distribution. But if the conference does implode, I say KU basketball should go independent a la Notre Dame football.

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Posted on: September 1, 2011 10:13 pm

Air Force has interest from Big 12

Haha Big 12 drop Baylor. You know Baylor is 2nd most in conference championships the past 6 years. Also, Baylor didnt get in becasue ofpolitics. Back in the SWC days, they were a excellent team.  They were the clear choice over TCU. Not to mention that now ESPN ranks them 5th in the Big 12-3 in front of Texas. 

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