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Bill Stewart reportedly out at West Virginia

Posted on: June 9, 2011 8:29 pm
Edited on: June 12, 2011 3:01 pm

West Virginia is in negotiations to buy out embattled coach Bill Stewart, The Sporting News reported Thursday night, citing a source.

Coach-in-waiting/offensive coordinator Dana Holgorsen would be elevated to head coach. Asked to confirm the report, Mountaineers AD Oliver Luck replied via text, "I can't comment."

The coaching staff had recently been investigated by Luck, who was trying to determine the source of what were termed "leaks" disparaging Holgorsen in recent newspapers accounts. The school said there were "blatant inaccuracies" in a report that Holgorsen had been involved in three to six alcohol-related incidents in the past few months.

A former Pittsburgh newspaper reporter said this week during a radio interview that Stewart urged him to "dig up dirt" on Holgorsen.

Had Stewart been fired after last season, the school would have owed him $2.5 million. Instead, the school hired Holgorsen from Oklahoma State, made him the coach-in-waiting and adjusted Stewart's contract. This would have been Stewart's final season as head coach. Holgorsen was to take over in 2012.

Stewart, 59, was the toast of Morgantown 3½ years ago when he beat Oklahoma in the Fiesta Bowl. That night he was elevated to head coach following Rich Rodriguez's departure for Michigan. Stewart has won 28 games -- nine in each of the past three seasons, plus the Fiesta Bowl.

He is currently part of an NCAA infractions case against West Virginia charged with "failure to monitor."  

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Posted on: June 11, 2011 12:48 am

Bill Stewart reportedly out at West Virginia

The difference is, dumb azz [clever!], when our coach did wrong [i.e., committed bodily harm against a female, a felony offense, for certain], we [rather, the administration] fired him.  You guys [not sure if 17 is referring to the WVU administration or all of Mountaineer nation] keep the drunk [another clever bit of name-calling] and fire the good guy ['good guy' meaning the fellow who oversaw extended practice time in violation of NCAA rules and tried to enlist others in muckraking and character assassination against a colleague].  How stupid I was [past tense?] waiting for a post like yours [yes, why wait?].  Think before you write [and after you write, use spell-check and tidy up your grammar and capitalize where necessary]! [nice use of an exclamation point; it shows that, at least, you know your way around a keyboard] If they teach you that at WVU [sentence fragment, no end punctuation.  No, we're not taught to write like that at WVU, as opposed, apparently, to you Pitt heads.]

well Mr. mirimba wvu english professor since when is firing off a fast comment on a stupid blog about your druken football coach supposed to be my english paper for finals what the problem is you have nothing to say to back your drunken coaches so all you can do is cut up on my grammer which I could care less its a blog you numbnuts

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Posted on: June 10, 2011 10:58 pm

Bill Stewart reportedly out at West Virginia

Really piltdoom? 1984? What the hell was that bowl game? The Astro-Bluebonnet Bowl or was it the Hillbilly Heaven Classic? Once again; if RichRod had stayed in Morgantown; we'd be having a different discussion, but he didn't and we're not. Your backwater program has been reduced to a complete laughing stock with this Stewart vs. Holgo catfight, but then what should one expect from a squad that participates in a backdoor brawl? Unfortunately; those backyards are the 40 square feet outside the trailer.

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Posted on: June 10, 2011 8:06 pm

Bill Stewart reportedly out at West Virginia

an 8-25 coach at VMI to boot!
I am speechless.  It is as asinine as when Al Davis chose to hire someone whose only previous head coaching experience was a disastrous campaign at Idaho. BTW, that someone was none other than Tom Cable. 

That hire was the result of an emotional reaction after the Fiesta Bowl win over Oklahoma.
As if beating OU in a BCS bowl is an impossible feat.  There is a reason why the BCS committee put UCONN in the Fiesta Bowl against OU.  It is because they know that is the only team OU will not choke against.  Bob Stoops is second worst ever to Bobby Bowden in terms of the coaches who cannot get their teams well prepared for BCS games.  Bob Stoops BCS victories came against a categorical buffoon(Bobby Bowden) and two lame duck coaches(Price and Edsall). 

Don't get me wrong:  I was impressed by WVU's performance.  However, we all know OU does not show up to BCS games.  This was certainly a harrendous reason to hire Stewart. 

WVU NEVER should have lost those last 2 bowl games or some of those regular season games (Colorado, East Carolina, SYRACUSE??????).
While I agree with everything you said, I think we cannot lose sight of the fact that all of this occurred because of the fact that you guys melted down against a 4-7 Pitt team at home with a national title berth on the line.  That is on R-Rod, not Stew.  All of these events were just a chain reaction of what happened that late November night in 2007.  Stew did not start the fire, but he certainly did nothing to abate it either. 

Holgorsen is the furure and the future is NOW.
Definitely.  I am curious to see how he will be able to recruit athletes on the defense.  I worry that he may become another Charlie Weis with offensive tunnel vision and little regard for the defense.  As we saw in Okie State, they played absolutely no defense.  I wonder if Holgerson really understands the importance of building a team with a great defense since that was not emphasized at Okie State.  If WVU expects to compete for national titles, I think Holgerson will need to tweak his offense a little bit.  In the long run,he cannot run the same frantic offense he did at Okie State.  That will end up putting tremendous pressure on the defense to continue being on the field. I think it will work out well for WVU because they can always recruit good running backs.  I just hope Holgerson can build the offense around the running backs and then incorporate the spread to deter teams from crowding the line.   Should be fun to see what WVU can pull off with Holgerson running the program!!!!

That lame-duck coaching situation was doomed from jump-street.
I think you all could have learned that from FSU. 

...can't believe I just agreed with a FSU fan.
Let's not make it habitual.

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Posted on: June 10, 2011 7:13 pm

Bill Stewart reportedly out at West Virginia

Good post...I was at that Gator Bowl and Gomer did hand over that game to FSU. He ran Devine 2 in the second half after he ran for 120+ yards in the first half.
Is that how FSU won the game?  I did not even watch the game as I was busy travelling.  That might explain FSU's "resurgence" on defense in that game when WVU takes out their only viable playmaker on offense.  Sorry, but Jock Sanders was a little overrated.  Funny: now I realize what people are saying when they assert that Stewart threw the game.  I just assumed he told the guys to stop playing hard after the first quarter.  If the game were being played under normal conditions, WVU would have won by at least 3 TD's.  FSU was an abomination that season.  When you are losing to Tampa Community College(a.k.a. University of South Florida), you know you are trash.  Imagine if WVU lost to Marshall.  Yikes!!!!

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Posted on: June 10, 2011 5:04 pm

Bill Stewart reportedly out at West Virginia

(A) I hate to see this from Stewart. I guess he was desperate to keep his dream job. Still think he is an OK person I guess. I was one of the people that rooted for Stew to do well but was embarrassed at every press conference with his presence... (Barnie Fife/Gomer Pile-like rambling).  I wish him luck and hope this blows over and doesn't completely ruin his ''legacy''. He is a true blue Mountaineer at heart.. just not a top notch head coach. He has dedicated a big part of his life to wvu and from what I hear was a pretty good assistant coach... He was the coach that could comfort kids and keep them centered when they got reemed out for mistakes etc. by the more conventional coaches.

(B) Give Holgorsen a break.. It is not a bad thing to be human. He is a single 40ish guy in a new town. I'm sure he needs to have a life outside of the coaching office.  Granted he is gonna have to use some discretion and moderation as he is going to be elevated to higher position but let's be real... He is. I hope he kicks some arse and stays at WVU for a very long time. YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE (OR PRETEND TO BE) A SAINT TO BE A GOOD COACH.  Example.. Jim Tressel and his ''High and Mighty'' BS sweater vest persona.. He's no longer the text book coaching personality that everyone thought he was. If you are a good football mind, don't cheat, and truly care about the kids and the program it shouldn't matter what you do (legally) in your free time.

(C) 9-4 is only good when you have 9-4 talent.. when you should be 10-1 or 11-0 and a contender 9-4 is lacking. In the last four years we should have been a National leader in Offense, our D was good, and we couldn't even win the Big East.  Unlike some years when the Big East was grossly under-rated it has been TRULY not-so-good for the last 2 years.  CongratsD) to Luck for not accepting mediocrity. We almost lost to Marshall last year and we had SUPERIOR talent because of inferior coaching. Doc schooled stew on strategy and motivation. I'm just glad they didn't give up and pulled it off.

(D) Glad to have TCU coming in.. It is a win, win, win, situation.  Good for WVU, TCU, and the Big East. 

** to all of the trolls waiting to pounce.. I do say ''we'' when referring to WVU on occasion. I am not on the team or staff but am a die-hard fan, a WV native/current resident a
nd a part of the ''mountaineer nation''.

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Posted on: June 10, 2011 4:52 pm

Bill Stewart reportedly out at West Virginia

2 Years Holgorsen will be gone (NLT 2013 season end) at the most.  

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Posted on: June 10, 2011 4:48 pm

Bill Stewart reportedly out at West Virginia

With this hillbilly, drunk as WVU's coach, they'll be on NCAA probabtion within 3 years. For your WVU students and grads, look up the definition of probation, I'm not telling you.

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Posted on: June 10, 2011 4:43 pm

Bill Stewart reportedly out at West Virginia

Be careful skreffty, you might get some of that beer accidentily spilled
on you when you and your kitty kats come to town. Of course, that assumes
you can dig yourself out of the bayou and you don't get dizzy in the mountains!
!And there is the difference between West Virginia and South Louisiana right there, we would never intentionally spill beer at LSU!  Shame!  We won't get too dizzy in the mountains since all of their mountain tops have been removed lol.  It should be a great game, I look forward to it. My post was all in fun, please respond in kind (as you did majorhuff).

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Posted on: June 10, 2011 4:39 pm

The Real Record Stinks

Lets face it the BE has been a little down for the last couple years. So if you really look at any BE schedule you can factor in 3 or 4 automatic BE wins and if throw in 3 non BCS teams and you've got 6 or 7 wins before the season starts.

Against BCS teams

;  W L
2008 6-3
2009 6-4
2010 6-4

against bcs teams with winning records
;  W L
2008  2-4
2009  3-4
2010  3-3

In Bowls 1 & 3

Other notable achievements

Lost to U Conn for the first time ever
Lost against Sryracuse for the first time in 8 years
We went 1 for 3 against Cinci . previously we were 13-1-1 prior

Took the 8th ranked team in the nation and got beaten by a 5&7 team from Colorado
Got blasted by East Caolina a team that could only core 7 points in the prior year in garbage time .
Yet to win The Big East
1 and 3 against ranked teams.

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Posted on: June 10, 2011 4:09 pm

Bill Stewart reportedly out at West Virginia

Still's been running wide open down this way for years, son. Most of that `shine consumed by Pittsburgh kids going to school down here. What is it that's so bad about pitt that most of your youngens come down to the hills for schooling? Laughing

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