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Haden plans to attend UT infractions hearing

Posted on: March 28, 2011 6:06 pm
LOS ANGELES -- USC AD Pat Haden says he wants to attend Tennessee's June infractions hearing as an "observer."

Haden told he was in the process of making a request to the NCAA.

"I hope I'm able to attend as an observer," Haden said. "I have a request [in] ... I've been told by people I should be able to."

Obviously, Haden has an interest in the hearing beyond just the experience. Tennessee basketball and football have been accused by the NCAA of a combined 12 major violations. Current USC coach and former Tennessee coach Lane Kiffin is charged by the NCAA with a "failure to promote an atmosphere of compliance" and "failure to monitor the activities regarding compliance" while in Knoxville.

Haden has been on the job eight months wants to learn more about the NCAA process, he told

Tennessee's hearing is June 10-11 in Indianapolis. USC is still waiting the NCAA answer to its appeal on the June penalties for major violations. The school considers the penalties too harsh and is seeking elimination of this year's bowl ban and relief on scholarship reductions.
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Posted on: March 31, 2011 8:20 pm

Haden plans to attend UT infractions hearing

They don't really have aschedule, they just play warm up games till the championship.

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Posted on: March 30, 2011 9:35 pm

Haden plans to attend UT infractions hearing


There are plenty of schools (in fact almost all) that would be just as pleased winning an AP trophy over a BCS trophy.  Not only is the AP title less fraught with fraud and conflicts of interest than the BCS title, it is also far richer in tradition.  It is superior to the BCS title in every way.

USC was hit with unprecedented penalties.  The distinction that you fail to realize are the extent of the penalties for infractions committed by outside agents.  The only alleged link to the school was McNair after the fact.  The phone records you mention prove nothing considering it could have been Reggie talking to McNair from someone else's phone.  That does not prove knowledge.  In fact, the wannabe agents never said McNair knew.  The NCAA just asserted that he did and didn't care that, if he did know, it was after Reggie was long gone.  Now compare that to SMU, where the board of trustees was complicit in paying the university's athletes.  That is an entirely different situation.  Before USC, the NCAA never cared to enforce or thoroughly investigate agent influence.  It was more concerned with booster and direct university violations.  But you will never see the distinction because you don't want to.  You are more concerned with trashing USC than admitting the NCAA screwed up.  That's understanable considering the special treatment the SEC receives from the NCAA.

NCAA members almost universally do not sue the assocation.  The fact that you think USC would sue simply because they felt wronged is laughable.   USC could be wronged and not sue for various reasons.

As far as LSU's schedule, we all know the SEC is vastly overrated.  In 2003, SC would have walked through undefeated.  The offense was too dynamic and the defense was too powerful for predictable SEC offeneses.  Look at the PAC versus SEC over the past ten years and tell me what has happened in head to head match-ups.  You will find the PAC has more wins.  Not to mention every time USC played an SEC team, it absolutely destroyed them.  The only competition USC ever had in that era was the Pac-10 and Texas.  Nobody from the SEC even came close.  And it wasn't just the AP that thought USC looked better, it was every major poll out there.  The only reason LSU won anything was becasue of existing contracts that were subsequently re-written just to make sure another paper champion like LSU wouldn't pop up.

You must be bored because you have no idea how to argue or form a coherent argument.  There's lots of conjecture, stories about your kids and calling me a rookie.  Well, if I'm a rookie, you should be ashamed because you're getting your ass womped.


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Posted on: March 30, 2011 9:01 am

Haden plans to attend UT infractions hearing

USC fans are too funny.  You are on probation and somehow, this is LSU's fault.  When you win something related to this case, then you can get back with me.  Until then, enjoy your probation and excuses for such.  We have two BCS titles, and neither of them are in question.  USC has one BCS title, and that is about to be lost.  But, I am sure you guys can sue the NCAA and you will win.  You clowns are delusional and I look forward to hearing more about USC and their case against the NCAA.  The most you can hope for is a reduction in the lost scholarships, and I suspect that will happen.  I also expect USC to gladly accept that, and that there will be no lawsuit brought by USC.  I do think you nuts should sue on behalf of your school and keep all of us here informed on how that is going. 

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Posted on: March 30, 2011 6:40 am

Haden plans to attend UT infractions hearing

it is funny  how an SEC fan can tell a USC fans what the truth is. your on the other side of the country. what are you guys thinking. you get fed this BS or maybe you dream it up in your double wides. I do not know. The case against USC  is a joke. not one of you can understand this because of what you do. You cheat so you accuse everyone else is cheating to. Just to refresh your memories all this boils down to McNair and should have known. Nowhere does it say they have proof of anything "SHOULD HAVE KNOWN". It took 4 yrs to come up with this.  And please i need a page # if you are going to talk about the charges against USC because they are made up. Like the illegal hire PC had on staff for a year. Wouldn't you know it! It was only for two weeks as a consultant in the off season. Never coached a game or a player but ther report says a year. Self reported and cleared by the NCAA before the witch hunt. Sports agent hiring players all cleared by the NCAA, but they are trying to drum something up their. 
If the SEC fan had an ounce of brain under that mullet they would be focussing on the HBO special rather than fantasy land. The SEC and NCAA needs to be shattered in to a thousand pieces for all the corruption that is about to be released.  Us west coast people will keep our facts while you keep your reputation.

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Posted on: March 29, 2011 10:36 pm

Haden plans to attend UT infractions hearing

lmao at a USC fan calling others cheaters.   Wow Auburn cheats what a news flash, careful with the generalizations though. 

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Posted on: March 29, 2011 10:14 pm

Speaking of Infractions

This a MUST READ story.  No one cheats like the SEC.

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Posted on: March 29, 2011 8:39 pm


McNair has a slam dunk lawsuit.   So bringing him up to justify yourself just makes you look stupid in the end.  McNair  appealed back in August and the NCAA still hasn't decided.  Geeh, I wonder why.  The NCAA will likely try to settle for an for an easy 500K behind closed doors.  But I hope McNair takes it to a public trial.

The NCAA violated their own rules when they didn't allow USC lawyers to question the two wannabe agents.  Thus, there was NO DUE PROCESS.  The NCAA is on record as saying all institutions are allowed to defend themselves to any and all accusations brought.  This was in response to a US Congressional Hearing questioning the NCAA's Due Process back in 2004.  So the NCAA was wrong when they prevented the USC lawyers from interrogation the Lloyd Lake and Michael Michaels.

I'll agree with you that Mike Garrett was an @sshat and that his lack of contrition played a role in the heavy sanctions.  But there are people outside of USC that will tell you the sanctions were too harsh.

LSU has two BCS titlles. True.  But if you ranked all the BCS champions from top to bottom, both of LSU teams are at the bottom.  Everyone knows that.  You claim if the 2003 USC team played a harder schedule that USC could have gotten into the title game instead of LSU.  But actually if BYU would have simply beaten Utah in the snow storm instead of losing 3-0, USC would have gone to the title game (instead of LSU).  Or If Ucla would have beaten Colorado,  USC would have gone (instead of LSU).  Or if Notre Dame would have beaten Syracuse, USC would have gone.  I can do this all day.  It was literally a few thousandths of a point that put LSU in over USC.  I doubt any other BCS ranking had a closer gap between #2 and #3 that 2003.  But in the end like you said, it was Oklahoma that should have never been there.  USC's one loss in 2003 came ON THE ROAD in triple OT to a Jacob Rogers led Cal.  LSU lost at HOME to a Ron Zook coached Florida team featuring a TRUE FRESHMAN QB.

USC would have beaten LSU if they played.  Everyone knows it.  Which is why Everyone (AP, FWAA, ESPN, Sporting News, Sportsline) dubbed USC as its National Champ.  But credit to LSU as they have the Crystal Football.

And BTW USC's 02, 03, 04, 05, and 08 teams destroy LSU's 2007 title team (probably the weakest title team ever).

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Posted on: March 29, 2011 6:56 pm

Haden plans to attend UT infractions hearing

It was Haden's hire.  Check the records.  Haden was on the Board of Trustees.  He is ultimately responsible for the AD and the coaches.  If manager in business breaks the law, the CEO, President, Board of Directors are all held accountable.  They should have known or put in place adequate controls to prevent the crime from occurring.  Haden should be held to the same standard.

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Posted on: March 29, 2011 6:34 pm

Haden plans to attend UT infractions hearing

Luigi is a pretty funny person.  You call LSU's two BCS titles "paper titles", and the two that USC got are actually both from a paper.  Now that is funny stuff.  There is not a single school out there who starts their season off stating that they want to win an AP title.  I have always enjoyed being schooled by rookies, and this one is right up there.  First off, USC was not hit with unprecedented penalities.  SMU was hit with unprecedented penalities while USC just got what they deserved.  None of us expect you USC fans to get it.  Like I have always told my children, when it is you against the world, sometimes the world is right.  I would not expect a USC fan to understand that.  There will be no lawsuit from McNair as the phone records will show that he was indeed talking to Reggie's people. 

Now, you claim that I am a typical blogger that just makes stuff up, but everything I said was based on fact and everything you said was based on fantasy.  If you have proof the NCAA handled USC wrongly, why not let it out.  If Hayden thought USC was dealt with unfairly, USC would sue, but of course they are not.  Thankfully, the administration knows the real score, but the goofy side of the fanbase is left to flail at the wind looking like the sheeple that they are. 

As far as LSU's TWO BCS trophies, compare the schedules and tell me USC could even sniff our jock.  LSU beat way more ranked teams both seasons.  USC was very good in 2003, but not even close in 2007.  Again, look at the schedules and make an argument that USC was even close to LSU as far as the body of work goes.  The AP liked how you guys looked and they wanted to make a statement about the BCS.  I must really be bored to even get into this with a rookie who has not made a single valid point as of yet.  Now is your chance.

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Posted on: March 29, 2011 5:01 pm

Haden plans to attend UT infractions hearing

@hooterville2 -- my position is clearly stated.  The penalties for Kiff may be in line with past precedent but what happened to USC as an institution was out of line compared to similar transgressions in the past.  The Kiff case and USC case are separate.  Stop trying to conflate them to make up for the fact that you have no real answer to my argument.  It was a conflict of interest for those COI members to sit in judgment of USC and they had direct financial incentives to hammer USC.  

This is what I hate about CFB.  Instead of people admitting the NCAA is screwed up or misstepped, they would rather support the NCAA's arbitrary actions because they don't like USC or whatever school the NCAA is going after.  Grow up.  This is how the NCAA does business.

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