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Call it Super Saturday (Dec. 3)!

Posted on: February 25, 2011 1:07 pm
For the moment I'm going to name it Super Saturday. Even that seems a bit modest.

Traditionally, the last weekend of the regular season was already a monster -- the Conference USA, Big 12, SEC and ACC championship games along with your random Civil War thrown in. It was, and is,  usually a one-day play-in for the BCS championship bowl and other major bowls. Last year alone we got Oregon's coronation at Oregon State, Auburn's major, final statement against South Carolina and Virginia Tech winning the ACC (again).

That final weekend could be about to get a lot bigger. First, consider we've got a new configuration with the Big 12 dropping its championship game and the Big Ten and Pac-12 adding title games. Suddenly, the Big 12 is without a presence on that last day (Dec. 3 this year). Turns out there are serious talks underway about moving Oklahoma-Oklahoma State and/or Texas-Texas A&M to that day.  

That could make Saturday truly Super considering the blockbuster implications for this season. Oklahoma and Oklahoma State most likely are both going to start the season in the top 10. The game could end up being the Big 12's first "championship game" in the new 10-team alignment. Texas and A&M could also be moved off its traditional Thanksgiving week home.   

"The leader in the clubhouse would be either UT-AM or OU-OSU,” a source told the Tulsa World. “ABC wants a blockbuster weekend on championship Saturday, but doesn’t want to blow up Thanksgiving, so it’s a tricky situation."

The odds of all four of those Big 12 teams being out of the title race on the final day are minimal. Even if they are, those games are sure to deliver the key Texas demographic (Dallas, Houston, San Antonio etc.) That cannot be underestimated. The source added that a Texas-A&M, OU-OSU doubleheader is a possibility.

"That (doubleheader) is on the table and being discussed," the source said. "It is by no means a 'done deal,' but it is certainly possible."

Don't forget that the Pac-12 will play its first championship game that day at the stadium of the school with the best record. The Big Ten is already slotted to play its title game at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis. In other Super Saturday news, the Big East -- which just released its schedule -- will have two games that day -- Connecticut at Cincinnati and Syracuse at Pittsburgh. 

The next question: How to schedule all those games so they don't all bump into each other. 

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Posted on: February 28, 2011 9:33 am

Call it Super Saturday (Dec. 3)!

I find it extremely unlikely that Texas and A&M move their game to the last Saturday of the season.  As the previous blogger stated, there is way too much tradition for that to happen.  Oklahoma-Okie State is another story all together.  While these teams have been meeting on the last Saturday of the regular Big 12 season, they did not do this on a regular basis since 2006 season began.  With BCS Conferences having playoffs that day to determine Champions, and with the Pac 10 Championship being televised on Fox, and the SEC CHampionship being televised by CBS, ABC/ESPN does have the air time for such a game, perhaps before the ACC Championship game, and the Big 10 Championship game.

The Big 12-2 pit itself and it's team in a bad spot by failing to replace the two teams that bolted out of the conference.  They now lose their Championship game, and with it, a huge payday.  Now the Big 12-2 Champion faces the fact that they may not be on T.V. on the last Saturday of the season.  If ABC/ESPN plans to televise a Big 12 game that day, they not only will be unnecessairily cramming its schedule, but will be competing against either the Pac 10 Championship or the SEC Championship.  That spells loser in either case.  The Big 12 is better off ending it's season the week before, but they will not do so.  You will get OU-Okie State on December 3rd.

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Posted on: February 25, 2011 9:58 pm

Call it Super Saturday (Dec. 3)!

I wouldn't like this at all.  Its tradition in our family to have a huge party and watch the ATM UT game over thanksgiving weekend.  I like things how they are right now.

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