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Five things about the Pac-10

Posted on: July 29, 2010 11:16 pm

The latest from my preseason media day tour...

USC’s long road back. How long will it take? How painful will it be? USC is just beginning what promises to be one of the darkest periods in its history. It might get through the crippling NCAA penalties in as few as five years. We’re talking 2015 being the first year to be able to have enough talent to compete for a Pac-10 title again. But it won’t be easy. Oklahoma suffered similar penalties and was dead for 10 years. It took Alabama eight years to win a national championship after similar penalties in 2002. Watching Lane and the boys negotiate the loss of 30 scholarships and two postseasons will be the key thing. I’m sure Kiffin has a plan – he always does – but the program has to bottom out first. The embarrassment isn’t over in regards to Bush’s Heisman and the 2004 title. Both might still be taken away. After that, the 2010 Trojans could win the league have to watch the Rose Bowl on TV. It was one of the best dynasties in the history of college football and now it’s gone. For how long, we don’t know.

The winner. Oregon might have been the favorite to defend its title until Jeremiah Masoli got stupid. USC might have been the favorite until Reggie Bush was stupid. What about Arizona, a program that has never been to the Rose Bowl? It has five of the nine conference games at home, including USC, Washington and Cal. Mike Stoops has to break through at some point. After consecutive eight-win seasons, it might be time for the Wildcats to break through.

East Coast bias. Don’t blame the media this time. There was an East Coast bias on the part of the players. This is back to being the year of the quarterback in the league. The Pac-10 took its top four quarterbacks to New York for an unprecedented media day on the East Coast – Andrew Luck, Jake Locker, Matt Barkley and Nic Foles. However, only Barkley and Foles made it to L.A. for the traditional Pac-10 media day. I don’t want to hear any griping from Stanford and Washington about national honors for their quarterbacks at the end of the season. Guys, you’ve got to take care of your local media first.

Divisional alignment. It seems to be a conversation piece around here as the league decides how to divide into two six-team divisions in 2011. There is the “zipper” alignment. Example: travel partners Oregon-Oregon State, Cal-Stanford ,USC-UCLA, Arizona-Arizona State and Washington-Washington State are split into separate divisions. There is my North-South alignment: Washington, Washington State, Oregon, Oregon State, Cal, Stanford vs. Colorado, Utah, USC, UCLA, Arizona, Arizona State. Whatever the plan, everyone wants to play in L.A. because of recruiting. And with USC on probation, there are going to be plenty of players available in Southern California.

Hot seat. Paul Wulff at Washington State and Dennis Erickson at Arizona State. It's almost a hopeless case at Wazoo. Erickson has to win seven just to go to a bowl. ASU is playing two I-AAs. The wolves will be out if there is not significant improvement at each school.


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Posted on: August 3, 2010 2:08 pm

Five things about the Pac-10

I don’t want to hear any griping from Stanford and Washington about national honors for their quarterbacks at the end of the season. Guys, you’ve got to take care of your local media first.
I could've swore players get these national honors for their play on the field, not for kissing the ass of the media.

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Posted on: August 2, 2010 7:34 pm

Five things about the Pac-10

We will weather this storm very well and make a strong comeback. We are not your regular run of the mill schools.  We have a program that is viable and more visible than most  programs.

You think it will take SC until the year 2015 to return to the top of the heap in the PAC-12? I think we might win more games than you think simply because our system is able to  produce players for the next level. With that knowledge alone, we would still have those that would want to attend and play in our program.

For the years we will be limited in scholarships, our coaching staff will have to recruit carefully and make sure that we select the right person, because we will not have the over abundance of backup players as in the past.

The two years will go by pretty fast and once we are able to recruit as before we will immediately climb to the heights we have known before.

I think our administration and coaching staff will put together a plan that will keep us in step until we are able to overcome this ridiculous penalty placed on us by the clowns from the NCAA.

If this had been an actual court case it would have been thrown out for lack of evidence and heresy, that is all the NCAA need to have to place a program on probation. What a bogus rule Institutional Control, like the institution can control anything, especially all the athletics on the campus as well as the families that these athletics are from. Now let’s see how many people is that? Off hand I would say in excess of 5,000 -10,000, if you count all the teams that a college sponsor.



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Posted on: July 30, 2010 3:33 pm

Five things about the Pac-10

Dodd, you're smarter then that.

Oregon is losing a QB, not the whole team which returns 9 starters on offense and 8 on defense. The defense has improved and is so deep, they will be rotating 8 DB's, 6 LB's, and 8 D-line men.

On offense they have the whole O-line returning, with back up that will be rotated in. Costa and Thomas have both had experiance, heck Costa has spent 4 years already at Oregon, Oregon has a warm-up game to break in the new QB against New Mexico, and the only othere team I see that might take the Pac-10 title away is their rival the Beavers.

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Posted on: July 30, 2010 11:49 am

Five things about the Pac-10

I agree with your take about Arizona as the breakthrough team.  It seems really simple for the Cats: maintain home field and 10 wins is achievable and that final road game against Oregon could be for the conference crown.

This is easily the most wide open this conference has been in over 10 years.

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Posted on: July 30, 2010 11:25 am

Five things about the Pac-10

He spelled Wazoo because its a total mes over there and Mr. Wulff should be on the hottest seat known to man kind!! He did great job recruiting at Eastern but has not done crap at Wazzu. Good luck coug fans your info a great run can't wait to beat your asses in the Apple Cup!!!!

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Posted on: July 30, 2010 10:46 am

Five things about the Pac-10

you spelled Wazzu wrong

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