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Five things about the Big 12

Posted on: July 27, 2010 1:27 am
Edited on: July 27, 2010 1:29 am

Five things about the Big 12

1. Coach of the year. For now, it has to be Tommy Tuberville. Texas Tech's new coach was reprimanded for saying what we were all thinking: The Big 12 is not long for this world. On the field, Tubs has to clean up the mess left by Leach. There is plenty of talent -- including Craig James' son who is still on the roster. Tuberville plans to play more defense, tweak the offense and grab the first decent job in the SEC. OK, I added that last one myself. The prediction here is that Tuberville will upset Texas at home, finish second in the South and play in the Cotton Bowl. Reprimand that!

2. Sexiest opening. It might soon be at Oklahoma State where Mike Gundy is feeling a bit of heat. The season ended horribly with a 27-0 loss to Oklahoma and a listless 21-7 bummer against Ole Miss in the Cotton Bowl. A Big 12-low eight starters return. Six of the top seven tacklers are gone too. Mike Leach was seen around the team helping old friend, and new offensive coordinator, Dana Holgorsen install the offense. If Leach ever gets his lawsuit against Texas Tech settled, he would actually make a nice fit in Stillwater. Think of that: A billionaire (Boone Pickens) and a pirate.

3. Once more with feeling. Nebraska is playing its final year in the Big 12 trying to win the league for the first time since 1999. Just as the Huskers are getting back on top, they are departing for the Big Ten. Wonder how that will affect their comeback attempt? Best guess: The competition in the Big Ten will be about even with the Big 12. The absolute best finish for the Huskers would be to play Oklahoma, one last time, in the Big 12 title game. After this season, that conference rivalry goes away. Forever.

4. Oklahoma is OK again. The media picked Oklahoma to win the Big South. More than that, Phil Steele picked Oklahoma to win the national championship in his magazine annual. Strange. Texas just came off playing for the national championship and, at least, has been dominating OU lately. Meanwhile, the Sooners just had seven guys drafted, four in the first round. That, off a team that lost five games. OU No. 1 in the South? Not outrageous but strange.

5. The perfect media gift. The Insight Bowl hat handed out to the media summed up current state of the conference. Upheaval! One side of the hat is adorned with a Big Ten logo (hello, Nebraska!). The other side has a Big 12 logo which, of course, doesn't add up to 12. There is still debate whether to keep the name despite the league having only 10 members. Nebraska and Colorado left this summer.  As for the Insight Bowl itself, it is one of the reasons Missouri felt slighted and started making noise about the Big Ten. Mizzou was supposedly "passed over" by the Insight and played in the Texas Bowl last year where it stunk up the joint losing to Navy.


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Posted on: July 29, 2010 5:32 pm

Five things about the Big 12

I have a feeling that Dodd has a bet with a bookie on when the big 12 will collapse so he's trying to do everything he can to influence it.  From everything I am seeing and hearing...the conference does appear stronger and more unfied than its ever been.  Losing Nebraska and Colorado will hardly affect the league whatsoever in terms of strength as we have been the 2nd strongest conference for some time now and that was before Nebraska was worth a damn.  Sure it hurts the takeover attempt for #1, but the big 12 will drop NO lower than 3rd in strength and its close with the big 10.  Adam James - yeah that's a joke.  TTU upsetting UT - another big joke.  OU being #1 in the south is a debate every year, so I don't think its that strange to predict matter how wrong it will end up being.  Hook 'em!!

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Posted on: July 28, 2010 9:24 pm

Five things about the Big 12

R I P Big XII; it was fun while it lasted (or at least when it was the Big 8).

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Posted on: July 28, 2010 7:15 pm

Five things about the Big 12

as soon as ND goes to the big 10, and when will that be. big 12 will get 2 more teams before nd joins the big10/11/12.

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Posted on: July 28, 2010 6:41 pm

Five things about the Big 12

It is with Dan Bebee at the helm. F-Texas !!

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Posted on: July 28, 2010 1:34 pm

Five things about the Big 12

Actually, Football Savant, if you look at the sentence before he said "what we were all thinking". His articles have consistently been slanted towards the "inevitable" demise of the league. So, I just want to know what this time frame is. Is it 3 years, 5, 7 ,10, 15? At what point do we say the original reasons for predicting the doom of the league were wrong?

I disagree about TCU, it doesn't add any larger of a footprint to the conference. The Big 10 and the SEC didn't come together decades ago because of media rights issues, they have the benefit of decades long relationships and his population density locations. The Big 12 was formed with media exposure at the forefront. You can't tell me Ohio State argues for the same media take as Northwestern if they were putting the Big 10 together in a time of the internet and giant sports media entities. Or Florida takes up the cause of Vanderbilt. They have comradarie because of their history, not the other way around.

Things will change in media. The first assult on traditional media was on print, specifically newspapaers. But as soon as the bandwidth opportunities open up (about three to five years away), network and cable television will be the next traditionals that will have to adapt or die. Cell phnes will become "mobile media devices", able to download high definition real time video. Sony will be the first to come up with "wireless TVs". The video equivilants of Google will come about. Indepenent video producers will be the equivilant of internet blogs. Essentially, there will be "cable without the cable". In this world, an institution wiith access to its own media rights may be more valuable than the 'share and share alike world the Big 10 model provides now.

I still think the conference that's in real trouble is the PAC-10. I know they are trying to rebrand it, but if the majority of its schools can't turn around their budgest deficits with the projections for the new conference, some of its top schools may be looking elsewhere where they can reap the benefits better of their brandnames. If the Big 12 thrives under its model, in five years, it might be the Arizona and California schools looking to come this way. But, this angle is hardly ever explored by Dodd, and I'm not sure if its because he wants to see his eight part prediction series come true, or he wants to see his alma mater in a different conference, or exactly what it is, but not "all of us" are thinking the Big 12 is on its way out.

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Posted on: July 28, 2010 10:27 am

Five things about the Big 12

Less than 5 years left.  As soon as The Big 10 gets Notre Dame, then they will get MU.  Once MU leaves, Texas and it's group of followers will go to the PAC 12.

KState, Iowa State, and Baylor to the Mountain West.
Texas A&M to the SEC
KU to the ACC

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Posted on: July 28, 2010 4:38 am

Five things about the Big 12

Whooooaa! I agree with your statements about the kid......
but Craig James was a beast in the wild west days of the old school SWC....Pony Express, Dickerson. nationally ranked etc

Say what you will about the TV version of CJ but the 80's football player was a bad ass

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Posted on: July 28, 2010 12:28 am

Five things about the Big 12

Maybe they should think about selling the BIG 12 Name to the BIG 10 or should I say BIG 11 soon to be 12, for say a couple million bucks! I just love when everyone says the BIG 12 cant keep the name BIG 12 as there are only 10 teams well not quite yet just 10! Next year we can worry about the name change maybe! However no one said the BIG 10 should not be called BIG 10 and they had 11 last year and soon 12 teams! Where was the fun made of this name with 11 teams in a conference right now and its called The BIG 10, Which team was the little one not accounted for in it! LOL  At least call it the BIG 10 & 1 you claim to be a smart bunch of schools but you and even Dodd evidently cant count past 10!  Go ahead take a jab at the BIG 10 for its name too, show some sack sometime instead of always picking on the  youngest most defenseless kid in town you can find! Be a man SACK IT UP ONCE, Dodd!  I can hear them Knee's A Knocking from way over here! BIGGGGGGGG TENNNNNNNNN & ?????????? LOL

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Posted on: July 27, 2010 11:29 pm

Five things about the Big 12

CallHawk, Dodd is not predicting "the BIG 12 is not long for this world", he is merely addressing what Tommy T said that got Coach T in trouble.  As far as the BIG 12 remaining, you gotta think the writing is on the wall for this league unless they can land TCU and then get ahold of say Louisville and then restructuring the North and South Divisions.  I personally don't think the BIG 12 will go away (although the name should unless they get some teams to fill the vacancies.  I do see the BIG East being abosrbed however and we could easily see one of those teams make a move to the BIG 12 if offered.

If I had a vote (which I don't even rate to vote on what's for dinner but it doesn't keep me from speaking my mind) I want to see TCU and Notre Dame come into the BIG 12.  That would be a show!!

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Posted on: July 27, 2010 11:15 pm


'nuff said.

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