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Baylor's president wastes our time

Posted on: June 7, 2010 6:17 pm

It wasn't exactly the Full Lewinsky the Big 12 was expecting from Baylor.

Baylor president Kenneth Starr held a mostly vacuous press conference Monday regarding, I think, the expansion issue. Starr spoke of a "healthy rivalry" with the other Texas schools. Starr said he is "working hard to protect Baylor's interests". Starr said Baylor "emphatically supports" the Big 12.

Maybe, but Baylor will not commit to the Big 12. Not as long as there is a possibility to join the Pac-10. It has been written many places that Baylor is marshalling support in the statehouse to force the Pac-10 to take it if the reported Big 12 raid takes place.

Baylor's first choice might be the Big 12, but if the conference breaks up Baylor is going to be all about Baylor. That is the Big 12 mantra these days: "Every president for himself."

Full Lewinsky? Yes, it's that Kenneth Starr the former independent counsel who investigated Bill Clinton, including the former president's affair with Monica Lewinsky -- and, ahem, her dress.

Starr has been on the job for all of six days. Now he's trying to keep his team in the Big 12, out of Conference USA and relevant in the national landscape.

Oh, and about those healthy rivalries with Texas schools ... Guess health depends on what kind of painkillers you're taking.

Since 2000, Baylor is 8-31 against teams from the state of Texas.

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Posted on: June 8, 2010 7:27 am

Baylor's president wastes our time

Jones argues that Baylor is better than Colorado as a potential Pac-10 team because, "Baylor is superior to Colorado academically. Baylor has athletic facilities superior to Colorado. Colorado doesn’t participate in the number of sports that Baylor does. Baylor’s overall record in all collegiate sports dwarfs that of Colorado."

Jones also points to Nebraska as being a key to the conference realignment. He opines that: "It's hard enough get the home teams to stick tight. But harder still to influence a bunch of corn shuckers."

That was from an e-mail that a Baylor Regent, Buddy Jones, sent out to alumni.  I hope that Baylor gets left behind in all of this conference realignment solely for their outright arrogance.  And I thought that the Longhorns were bad when it came to arrogance.  Reading news like this really shows that the Big XII schools have no allegiance to each other, no common ground or goal they are working towards, and are a completely disgruntled marriage that needs to end.

Colorado has 16 collegiate sports, and Baylor has 16. HELLO MATH DEGREE!!!

Colorado is ranked #77 by US News, and Baylor is ranked 80th. SUPERIOR?!?

Colorado has 22 national championships (16 skiing, 3 men's CC, 2 women's CC, 1 football.  Baylor has 2 (men's tennis and women's basketball).  Colorado has 27 conference titles in the Big XII.  Baylor has 31. HOW DOES THAT DWARF COLORADO?!?

It appears like somebody's Lone Star arrogance is a little over inflated and complete propaganda.  I hope the Pac-10 sees this and decides they don't want that kind of arrogance in their conference.  The Baylor regents seem to forget that the only reason they were able to make it in to the Big XII was because the Texas govenor forced it to happen.  They should feel lucky to be in a BCS conference as opposed to trying to call the shots and downgrading a fellow conference member.

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Posted on: June 8, 2010 5:24 am

Baylor's president wastes our time

Since the beginning of the Big XII in 1996, Baylor has not played in a single football bowl game and thus has not contributed one red cent to the conference. Why would the Pac 10 want Baylor?

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Posted on: June 8, 2010 4:00 am

Baylor's president wastes our time

Ann Richard isn't governor of Texas anymore. That's the only reason got into the Big 12 to begin with.

With that being said, Baylor would be a good addition to the Pac 10 if they fielded anything that remotely resembled a football program.
All of Baylor's other sports would be very competitive in the Pac 10, but that isn't good enough at this particular time.

Although Colorado football has been an embarrassment under Dan Hawkins, the Buffaloes would be a much better addition to the Pac 10 than Baylor. Colorado won the Big 12 championship in 2001, the national championship in 1990, and has a long history of good teams.

Additionally, if Colorado hired a coach like Mike Leach (it's hard to imagine Hawkins will survive past this season), the Buffs could become competitive again in a hurry.

However, if Texas demands that Baylor must be part of the deal, the Pac 10 will be forced to take the Bears.
My guess is that Texas Tech will definitely be part of the deal, but the Horns won't try to ram Baylor down the Pac 10's throat.

In that case, Baylor will have to fend for itself, which means it would be relegated to hoping for a spot in the Mountain West ( a remote prospect) or maybe Conference USA.

From a football standpoint, Baylor would avoid the misery of getting destroyed every week in those two conferences, although the annual revenues the school would receive will be a couple of solar systems away from the millions the Pac 10 will be paying out to their member schools.

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Posted on: June 8, 2010 12:01 am

Baylor's president wastes our time

you=giant tool

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Posted on: June 7, 2010 11:54 pm

Baylor's president wastes our time

He just needed an excuse to write expansion article number three for the day....

Gotta love the overkill....

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Posted on: June 7, 2010 11:06 pm

Baylor's president wastes our time

Mr. Dodd, stick to sports and keep your political opinions to yourself.  What the hell does any of this have to do with Bill, Monica or the dress?  A sophomoric post at best matter what your politics are. 

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Posted on: June 7, 2010 7:43 pm

Starr is slime and I'm a conservative

As a Pac-10 guy, Baylor brings nothing to the table. Small TV market, overly religious school, and the fact it is that slime ball Kenneth Starr who is their president.

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Posted on: June 7, 2010 7:39 pm

Baylor's president wastes our time

Why does anyone care about Baylor anyway? When were they last relevent?  to all these teams changing addresses.

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Posted on: June 7, 2010 7:32 pm

Baylor's president wastes our time

This isn't the first time BU has played this card. They made a similar political play to gain entry into the Big XII, with Bear-backers Ann Richard (governor) and Bob Bullock (Speaker of the House) pulling the strings. Hopefully without the leverage of either of these two heavyweights and with full exposure of these political shenannigans, they won't be able to pull it off a second time.  

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