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Signing day notes

Posted on: February 3, 2010 3:20 pm

Before we begin, the recruiting “get” of the day goes to’s J. Darin Darst. He was able to find Alabama’s “fax cam.”

If you didn’t believe it before, recruiting is officially out of control.


Tennessee: Never mind Derek Dooley’s closing job. The recruiting class just became that much better. A Boise television station reported Tuesday night and ESPN said Wednesday that Boise defensive coordinator Justin Wilcox is headed to Tennessee.

Wilcox is one of the young up and comers. He was a short timer at Boise after his unit shut down Oregon and TCU on national television. The 33-year-old has coordinated the Broncos D for the last four seasons. Boise led the WAC in scoring defense and total defense in each of those four seasons.

The Oregon grad also worked at Cal before for three years as linebackers coach before coming to Boise for the second time in 2006.

Urban Meyer: A life-changing health problem. Rival recruiters running him into the ground. A revamped coaching staff. It is amazing that Florida has still been able to assemble the nation’s No. 1 class.

Auburn: Formal apologies to Gene Chizik who was largely derided in this space after his hiring from Iowa State. Chizik won eight in his first season, almost beat Alabama, and then actually beat the Crimson Tide – in recruiting. Auburn was listed above Bama in the top five midway through Wednesday.  Chizik and offensive coordinator Gus Malzahn are fired up about national juco player of the year and former Gator quarterback Cameron Newton.

Texas: Let’s stow any speculation that Mack Brown is retiring anytime soon. This class showed that he still has the hunger to chase championships.  Texas finished with what was largely considered to be the nation’s No. 2 class. Most notable – West Chester, Ohio linebacker Jordan Hicks and Plano, Texas defensive end Jackson Jeffcoat.

Missouri: Finished with what is believed to be its highest ranked class ever (top 20). Gary Pinkel continues to aggressively recruit Texas and lock up the best players in Missouri. The Tigers aren’t going away as an annual bowl team and factor in the Big 12 North. The Big Ten has to be happy.

Notre Dame: A respectable top 15 class that’s a good sign for Brian Kelly in 2011 when he has a whole year to recruit. Kelly completed revamped the coaching staff and didn’t get blown out of the water.

Cal: Jeff Tedford continues to solidify his spot as second-best coach in Bear’s history. (Hard to argue with Pappy Waldorf.) Tedford recruited aggressively landing a top 15 class with prospects from seven states. Typical of the far flung recruiting philosophy was getting five-star defensive back Keenan Allen to drop Alabama and come all the way from Greensboro, NC

Non-winners (Can’t bring myself to say ‘losers’ when no one knows how these kids will turn out):

Miami: The locals are grumbling about the lack of five-star recruits (none) and abundance of two and three-star prospects (19). Howard Schnellenberger might not approve. Nine players came from outside the “State of Miami”, including prospects from Buffalo, NY; New Berlin, NY and Evanston, Ill.

Kansas: Turner Gill got a late start, completely changed the coaching staff and had a hard time luring top recruits. Potosi, Mo. running back Brandon Bourbon should ease the pain.

Indiana:’s lowest ranked BCS conference school (No. 90). Let’s hope rankings mean little. Bill Lynch (7-17 the past two seasons) still deserves a chance to get the Hoosiers turned around.

Arkansas: The Razorbacks are one of the “it” teams in the SEC for 2010. Maybe. A class ranked in the 50s might have impressed in Fayetteville but not elsewhere.
Ed Orgeron: Coach O’s reported poaching of Tennessee recruits on his way out the door to USC didn’t get the proper attention. “It’s been done before,” Tom Lemming said. “It’s not illegal, it’s unethical.” Maybe it should be illegal.

Best names:

MarKeith Ambles, USC.  Scoured from Twitter: Keith Ambles didn’t want to name his son after himself, so naturally he added a “Mar”

Emmanuel Beavers, San Diego State. How did he get away from Oregon State?

Furious Bradley, Southern Miss. Let’s hope he’s fast too.

Shaban Dika, Iowa State

Steele Divitto, Boston College

Pep Konokalafi, Hawaii

Munchie Legaux, Cincinnati. Please, God, make this be a nickname. Can’t imagine a parent who would name their child “Munchie.”

Shaquille Richardson, UCLA. And you thought there was only one.

 Another cautionary recruiting tale: It was announced this week that Miami linebacker Arthur Brown is leaving the program. The one-time five-star prospect made 17 tackles in two seasons. Speculation is that Brown and his brother Bryce, a tailback at Tennessee, could transfer to Kansas State.

 Good to know that top defensive end J.R. Ferguson has his head screwed on straight. His nickname is “Ego” (dad is actually Ego Sr.). Friends and family wear clothing labeled “Team Ego.” Let’s hope that LSU, his college choice, feeds his ego.

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Posted on: February 12, 2010 7:36 pm

Signing day notes

razor4life Maybe I'm a realist but when you have stretches of seasons with no bowl or the Independence Bowl is the best you get than yes going to two straight Cotton Bowls is like Shangri La.

Don't worry, Nutt will have you back to normal before long. Ole Miss won't see the Cotton Bowl this after this next season, maybe not even the Independence Bowl. Last year was probably the Rebels best chance at a BCS game. I'm sure you'll agree since you're a "realist".

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Posted on: February 7, 2010 5:22 am
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Signing day notes

Nothing like seeing the Tennesse Vols employ unethical standard for pulling in transfers, castaways, kids with "drive-through-window" diplomas, poaching other school's commits. etc.

Should not be surprised since this is the same school that hired Lane Kiffin and Ed Orgeron.  Mike Hamilton the AD is desperate to placate the alums, but Vince Dooley's boy won't win any SEC titles anytime soon (if ever), and sure as heck won't beat Urban Meyer or Nick Saban.  2010 looks to be a losing season as well considering LSU pops onto the schedule.  UGA players are already talking about the game in Athens...very pissed and very motivated because of that Da'Rick Rogers disrespect.  Expect a UGA blowout...turnabout is fair play Vollies. 


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Posted on: February 6, 2010 11:33 am

Signing day notes

Auburn is building a sec west contender no doubt; Razorbacks will be just fine with the coach they have...FSU is the most interesting one..Fischer made a good move hiring the guy from Tennessee who spent months working on the best  FLA recruits. 7 days after the hire FSU signs 2 major prospects..I couldn't help but notice that as soon as Bowden announced is retirement the recruiting flood gate opened for FSU..It only leads me to believe they did not want to play for Bobby.

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Posted on: February 6, 2010 10:25 am

Signing day notes

razor4life Maybe I'm a realist but when you have stretches of seasons with no bowl or the Independence Bowl is the best you get than yes going to two straight Cotton Bowls is like Shangri La. Who cares if Nutt beats you guys with Ed's recruits. Ed couldn't beat you with Ed'd recruits.

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Posted on: February 5, 2010 11:29 pm

Signing day notes

Gotta love how Dodd places his SEC teams first...then the rest. While better news outlets without conference ties say the Pac 10 was the real winner.

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Posted on: February 5, 2010 5:58 pm

Signing day notes

Ahh, refigure your notes Dodd. Auburn was ahead of Bama in no rankings that I've seen. How does this bozo keep a job. I guess CBS Sportsline likes keeping him for little pay. But good grief.

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Posted on: February 5, 2010 9:09 am

Signing day notes

Yes, Auburn and Bama had great classes. No secret there. But, in my strong opinion, the ONLY reason Auburn had a top 5 class that resembles Bama's was because of the in-state talent that Auburn was able to get. Saban got the top 3 in-state recruits, but Auburn landed 5 of the last 7 top in-state recruits. How you ask? I simple answer...Bama has AWESOME DEPTH at all positions. Bama mainly recruited secondary and it shows. Auburn has ZERO depth. So a lot of the recruits saw early playing time at Auburn compared to maybe not playing at all for a year or two at Bama! It would not surprise me one bit if Bama hovers around #5 recruiting class for years to come becasue of all the depth. Nothing against Auburn, they signed a solid class. But they will never match up to Bama as long as Saban is there. He won't let them! RTR Baby

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Posted on: February 4, 2010 9:48 pm

Signing day notes

Absolutely unbelievable how UCLA isnt on your winners list.  They finish with a top 10 class, they make the highest jump on signing day, and they win some recruits away from USC.  How can they not be on your list.  They perhaps had the most surprising day of any team in the nation.

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Posted on: February 4, 2010 8:41 pm

Signing day notes

The most talent meaning all the players combine... not this recruiting class...

I know someone will not read what I wrote and think I meant the most talented recruiting class.

Alabama has the most talent on their whole football team ever.

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