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A tour of D.C.

Posted on: May 2, 2009 3:02 pm
Edited on: May 2, 2009 3:04 pm
Now that Friday's proceedings have moved beyong the blog stage and gone national, it's time to ranking members from the Congressional hearings:
1. Gene Bleymaier -- this lawyer and Boise State AD spoke succinctly and clearly about the subject. Clearly scored the most points with the BCS, Congress and his non-BCS brethren.
2. Joe Barton -- Clearly the brains of the Joe, Curly and Larry outfit on the dais. He gave himself away when he made an idle threat to install a playoff in two months. This from a guy who is batting .042 in his career on passed legislation.
3. Craig Thompson -- Clearly stated the MWC case without looking like a fool. It was nice how the panel was balanced -- Thompson/Bleymaier vs. Swofford/Fox.

4. John Swofford -- This poor chap had the bad luck of being in the BCS coordinator's chair when Joe Barton started blabbing. Swofford -- not Swifford or SwOWford as he was referred to -- held his own.
5. Derrick Fox -- Why was the he there? Fox took the place of Sugar Bowl exec Paul Hoolahan who no doubt would have blown the doors off everybody if he showed. That's why he stayed home.

6. Bobby Rush -- The subcommittee chairman needs lessons in elocution. He did, though, have the best question of the day when he asked the witnesses if Congress should intervene in the BCS.

7. Gene Green -- An inarticulate fanboy who looked like he was there just for his cheerleading ability. Just what the heck was that Houston Cougar helmet doing in front of him. Not professional, Mean Gene.
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Now that Friday's proceedings have moved beyong the blog stage and gone national, it's time to ranking? members from the Congressional hearings:

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A tour of D.C.

Why is the United States Congress investigating a play-off system in the NCAA in the first place?  Does "O" want to control colege football like he is controling auto makers, 25 + banks, mortgage lenders, Fanny and Fredy, Amtrack, US Postal Service, etc?  Did we elect Congress to do
this type of work?  Doesn't the possible capture of nucular weapons in Packistan by radicles,  the rehabilitation of New Orleans and the Gulf coast,  two wars, the economy, and H1N1 (to mention a few), have presidence with our elected leaders?    

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